In media res

This had to be wrong. Like really wrong. The runes in the walls should be easily translated with the glyphbook they had gotten from the Order, but nothing on it made sense.

Just an hour ago, Hoist had just made their the way up into the temple top, and the rest of the party followed through with his help. After a very long corridor which spiralled down for several miles, they reached a wall with some kind of clockwork seal, which they easily opened twisting it both clockwise and counterclockwise, the ancient Five way Cylonea knew so well.

The darkness fought back their torches’ light, daring to snuff’em out any moment. They kept walking, looking for any sign on this Khalni Gem they were searching. They were just thinking about how will they find a single gem in this enormous structure. Was it important enough to make it a feature in here? That would be good to know. The little they knew, thanks to Sigg, was that it wasn’t supposed to be here anyway.

And, in the middle of all, suddenly their lights went dead. When they managed to turn them on again, they were surrounded on walls, all forming some sort of triangle room around them. All the runes in them were surreal, too curved for any language they understood, all of them united in a single weird pattern around the well known symbols for Earth, Fire and Water in each wall.

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